Wednesday, November 15, 2006

1000 gifts

I found this on someone else's blog believe it or not while i was searching for a cure to Emily's rotten potato problem.
Since it's the season of gifts I thought i would try it. The goal is to come up with 1000 gifts. Not gifts you want but gifts you already have. I hope that i will be able to add to it daily.

1. my new beautiful daughter ellie
2. my less new beautiful daughter maddy
3. my even less new beautiful daughter kimber
4. my hard working husband josh
5. my non-judgemental best friend robin

6. God, obviously without him none of my other blessings would be possible
7. (i think i'l be crossing back and forth between blessings and things i am thankful for) i am thankful for the internet without it there are a lot of people i wouldnt keep in touch with
8. i'm thankful for my health
9. i'm thanklful for my minimal problems, so many people around me have such biggeer problems i'm just thanful mine are minor
10. i'm thankful for my mom she is so busy but is aways willing to give me some of her time


Robin said...

What a wonderful compliment to be on your list and to be called nonjudgemental. Thank you. I love you.

Tori :) said...

I found your blog thru Robin's... I started a seperate blog from my original to be a "gratitude blog" that I try to add to daily. I like how it makes me feel better even when I'm havin' a bad day. Ya know? I'm excited to read your blog. Keep it up!

the sister project said...

The fact that you take the time to recognize your blessings just goes to show how great of a person you are :)

I miss you!, your "sister" Sara