Wednesday, March 21, 2007

weekly update

so not a whole lot has happened. i got my hair cut it was really long but hadn't been trimmed or anything for a really long time so it was kind of yucky looking. i lost .6 of a pound this week, i thought it was going to be more but anything is better than nothing or gaining. ellie has viral tonsilitis this week and a fever and is pretty fussy, it makes it hard to do anything. i took her to urgent care tonight and they weighed and measured her she is 17.25 pounds and 29 inches long. she will be 5 months on the 23rd. the dr also diagnosed her rash as eczema and gave her a script for it, hopefully it will start clearing up.

Friday, March 16, 2007


well i don't really have anything exciting to post about. Josh started his new job last week and really likes the company, I enrolled in an online course that will start next month, I'm also in the beginning stages of preparing to donate my milk to babies in Africa, Kimber's 5th birthday is rapidly approaching (april 5th) i think she'll be getting a bike for her birthday, Maddy adds a new word to her vocabulary every day it seems, ellie is almost 5 months and weighs 17 pounds, we've been battling a strange facial rash for 3 weeks now we can't seem to get rid of it and we don't know what it's from. Josh and I have set a Temple date finally. We will be going through on our 6th anniversary which is August 3 of this year. We are really excited. Also i joined weight watchers and lost 2 pounds so far. I go to my meetings on wednesday so maybe i'll update evry wednesday and let you know my progress!!