Wednesday, March 21, 2007

weekly update

so not a whole lot has happened. i got my hair cut it was really long but hadn't been trimmed or anything for a really long time so it was kind of yucky looking. i lost .6 of a pound this week, i thought it was going to be more but anything is better than nothing or gaining. ellie has viral tonsilitis this week and a fever and is pretty fussy, it makes it hard to do anything. i took her to urgent care tonight and they weighed and measured her she is 17.25 pounds and 29 inches long. she will be 5 months on the 23rd. the dr also diagnosed her rash as eczema and gave her a script for it, hopefully it will start clearing up.


Robin said...

I think the layers look great! Bummer about Ellie feeling yucky. It's hard to get much done when you're comforting a sad baby. Good luck with weight watchers, I have no self control.

risa-rin-rales said...

totally love the hair..... sorry about the sick baby!! :(

Abbie said...

Cute hair! Sophie has eczema too, and the dr. gave her a prescription for hydrocortozone cream, which turns out, isn't a prescription drug. It's on the shelf. Kinda embarassing when the pharmacist tells you to get the drug yourself.