Monday, February 25, 2008

where have i been?

busy busy busy, that's where. this whole raisin' babies alone thing is HARD work! Let me give you a little bit of insight into my life. I get up at 5:30 get myself ready for work, then I get the girls ready ususally with a lot of fighting, kicking and screaming. If I'm lucky we get out the door by 7:15, then it's off to my mom's to drop Kimber off so she can get to school but doesn't have to be there so early, after that it's off to the sitter's to drop off Maddy and Ellie. Most mornings Ellie starts crying as soon as we round the corner to go to the sitter's and I have to try to keep my cool and not lose it with her. After i drop them off it's off to work usually i get there without a second to spare and in fact most days i'm late. So, I start work at 8 and go until 5 then i go pick everyone up, go home start dinner, get the girls showered and ready for bed then we all collapse in bed. You'll notice no where in there did I say I get any cleaning done, oh no thats what saturdays are for. So please dont ever stop by my house un-announced because I wont let you in. I've been really struggling lately with everything. I still haven't filed for divorce, it's such a big decision and once its done its so final. I get so angry sometimes with Josh that i have to deal with dropping kids off at daycare and having my mom take Kimber to school and never being able to volunteer in her class, or probably never get to go on a field trip with her. I am the one that has to deal with the cryinng and the owies and the fighting all the while trying to keep my own stuff together enough to be a good mom. All he has to do is send some money every two weeks and he thinks hes a wonderful father. Sorry i probably shouldn't be sharing this with anyone but it's been so long since I posted that i doubt if anyone is reading this anyways. On a lighter note Ellie is starting to say some words and actually this morning said "uh-oh" for the first time. That happens to be one of my favorite baby phrases. here are some pictures of the girls I had taken in December. Enjoy