Monday, November 27, 2006


So our thanksgiving was pretty low key. In the morning we (my parents and 5 of my siblings and niece and nephew and my little family) got up and went to a park and ate pumpkin pie for breakfast and then on a hike/walk. The weather was gorgeous. After that kimber and my little sister and brother went to my older sister's house so the kids could make tortilla teepees. Dinner was at 4 at my parents. We had way too much food. We drew names for Christmas which turned into a fight but I wont go into that. overall it was pretty nice.


Robin said...

Looks pretty fun to me. When did Josh bic his head?

risa-rin-rales said...

I love blog...It gives us all a chance to see family out there that we are not able to see often...Love you guys