Wednesday, December 13, 2006


Not a whole lot of new and exciting news on the home front.I have a few funny things from kimber. Last week we were shopping at wal-mart and she saw two sets of leaf shaped salt and pepper shakers one green and one white. she picked both of them up and asked me "which one do you think for my wedding? i have to marry a husband someday you know" i told her to put them back because we had some time to think about it. a few days later i bought some hair dye which she saw and asked "who's changing their hair to this" i told her i was, then she says "it's not gonna change your eyebrows you know" well ok. the other thing she says thats funny is instead of "that cracks me up" she says "that knocks me out."

we got our tree last weekend and decorated it, if i took a picture of it every day for you it would look different each time because the girls like to take the ornaments off of it and redecorate it.

also last night we went to robins and made a gingerbread house. i didnt have my camera there but here's a picture of the finished product.

Merry christmas!

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risa-rin-rales said...

Girl i hear you about the tree changing daily!!!