Monday, February 19, 2007

our weekend

Saturday was a beautiful day. I think it actually hit 60 degrees. We decided it was the perfect day to mow or lawns. We don't have a lawn mower since we've never had lawns before, so we went to josh's mom's house and borrowed her mower. Our niece and nephew we're over there so brought them home so the girls could have cousin play time. Josh decided to mow the front first so they could all play in the back. Well they wanted nothing to do with playing outside. I was so frustrated. They have been begging all week to go outside but it has been raining and cold almost the whole time time we've been here. So i put a movie on and went outside to check on things in the front and realized I had never seen josh mow a lawn so I broke out the camera.

After he finished I realized I had never mowed a lawn before so I took over and did the back. About halfway into it I realized I got jipped cause my lawn was about twice as big as his. It was fine though, except for the fact that my hands hurt and were itchy and swollen when I was done. I think it was just from the shaking of the lawn mower. After we finished the yard work we just went back to Josh's mom's house and hung out there and ate dinner and then came home and crashed. Sunday we went to our new ward and were shocked by how small it is. To give you and idea there were five kids in the nursery including Maddy, every primary class is actually 2 classes combined and there were 4 elders in Elder's Quorum. After church we just came home and rested and did the dishes and went back to Josh's mom's (notice a theme here?) because she said a friend of hers was getting rid of a couch that we could have. At this point i was down for whatever 2 weeks without nowhere to sit and you'll pretty much take anything. It id in nice condition but it horrible colors and so not my style. Oh well. It's a place to sit. They must have been getting a bunch of new stuff because Josh also came home with a dresser a lamp and was told he can come back and get a set of bunk beds. Sweet! That was our all exciting weekend. What did you do ?


Robin said...

Bunk beds are the coolest. I laugh at you when you say "without nowhere to sit". I miss you and your girls!

Lindy said...

i'm pretty much word challenged i guess, i didn't even realize i wrote that!