Friday, February 2, 2007

thought this interesting

24 to 36 Months
What I may do:
ü Copy your words and actions.
ü Be able to say my age.
ü Show an interest in using the toilet.
ü Match objects by shape and color.
ü Talk to myself to practice new words.
ü Ask "Why?" a lot.
ü Have many tantrums because I am frustrated.
ü Use three-word sentences like "Mommy hold me!"
ü Say about 50-300 words and have better pronunciation.
ü Walk up and down stairs using one foot (instead of both feet) for each stair.
ü Like to use one hand more than the other.
ü Be able to open doors.
ü Show an interest in other children.
ü Know if I am a boy or girl.

How you can help my development:
ü Give me four-piece puzzles and musical instruments to play with.
ü Watch me to see what I like and do not like. I may refuse many foods.
ü Sing the alphabet song and read books with colors and shapes.
ü Ask me about things that happened in the past like "Who gave you that toy?"
ü Read to me.
ü Ask me questions when I play like "What are you doing?"
ü Kick and throw balls with me.
ü Give me beads (1 1/2" wide) to put on a string. Make sure I don't swallow them!
ü Give me opportunities to play with other children.
ü Keep objects you do not want me to touch away from my reach.
ü Help me do things by myself like buttoning.
3 to 4 Years
What I may do:
ü Draw a circle or square if you draw one first.
ü Confuse some words when I speak.
ü Be able to sing a simple song.
ü Use action words (verbs).
ü Pedal a tricycle.
ü Hop on one foot.
ü Be able to wash my hands.
ü Stack six objects on top of each other.
ü Be comfortable being apart from you.
ü Wait for my turn and share with others.
ü Be able to do many things by myself like brush my teeth, undress, and eat.

To help my development:
ü Encourage me to practice drawing.
ü Teach me new words and read to me.
ü Bounce and catch a large ball with me.
ü With new experiences, prepare me by telling me what to expect.
ü Try to keep a regular schedule for my playtimes, mealtimes, and bedtimes.
ü Offer choices to me so I can make some decisions.
ü Give me objects that I can match and count like blocks, cups, or plastic spoons.
4 to 5 Years
What I may do:
ü Be able to match objects by size.
ü Draw a face with eyes, a mouth, and a nose.
ü Learn to write the alphabet.
ü Know most colors.
ü Draw a triangle or diamond after you draw one first.
ü Speak in five-word sentences and tell stories.
ü Have trouble saying the f, l, r, s, v, or z sound.
ü Like to ask how, when, and where questions.
ü Jump.
ü Be able to take off m y clothes.
ü Walk a straight line.
ü Play with other children.

To help my development:
ü Sing songs that have body motions.
ü Teach me facts like my address, birth month, first/last names, parents’ names, and telephone number.
ü Help me write letters of the alphabet.
ü Teach me to wash and dry my hands.
ü Encourage me to do activities by myself and ask for help when I need it.
ü Let me plan activities with you.
ü Schedule both active and quiet playtimes.
ü Let me brush or comb my hair.

5 to 6 Years
What I may do:
ü Understand the difference between left and right.
ü Know books are read from left to right and top to bottom.
ü Count to 100.
ü Have trouble saying the l or th sound.
ü Write my name with some mistakes.
ü Catch a ball and jump rope.
ü Skip and climb well.
ü Ride a bicycle.
ü Have a lot of energy and enjoy moving around.
ü Be more sensitive to others' feelings.

To help my development:
ü Play games like "Follow the Leader" and "Simon Says."
ü Give me puzzles with 10-15 pieces.
ü Ask me questions that I can answer.
ü Give me picture books with simple sentences to look at and read.
ü Encourage me to use words about how I feel.
ü Let me answer the telephone sometimes.
ü Teach me to tie my shoelaces.
ü Give me objects that I can take apart and put back together.
ü Practice using scissors with me.
ü Let me dress myself.
ü Encourage and praise my efforts.


micila's movement said...

Wow, that's alot of good info there Lindy. Kaleb was realy good with his letters, recognizing and writing them. Ethan is less than enthusiastic, hopefully with those tips he will be ready come August for kintergarden.

risa-rin-rales said...

Pictures!!!! I want pictures already!!!!