Friday, June 13, 2008

kimber's recital

Kimber had a recital on tuesday of this week. it was so cute and so fun and she did a wonderful job. Here's a few pictures from before the recital.

Here's some during the recital.

Here's a few from after!

I am so proud of her and what a beautiful girl she is turning into. She has such a sweet spirit and is a wonderful helper.


Robin said...

I'm so sorry I didn't come. She looks beautiful. I hope you are cheering up!

risa-rin-rales said...

she is becoming so adorable lindy
you are really looking great too!

risa-rin-rales said...

keep these posts a comen

Natalie said...

Hey! I didn't know that you had a blog! Your girls are so cute and you are doing such a wonderful job being a mother. KIT :)

Bingham family said...

Is she taking from Tracy Morris? I didn't know that she was teaching. Where and when? Give me the details. She looked so cute at the recital. How fun to have makeup and hair and costumes!

The Kurt Adams Family said...

Hi Lindy. I do remember you, more from girls camp and Carson though. I moved before WW.. However Kurt says hello and it's good to hear from you! He's still working at A&A and doesn't get around the computer too often. Your daughters are beautiful by the way!
Thanks for the offer of help, I greatly appreciate it. I might need help finding people to help me with clinical hours. I'm very excited to do this!!
PS don't worry, I'm a stalker too.

The Kurt Adams Family said...

Don't be silly, I remembered you too. And I also am a year younger, you probably were at WW the last time we saw one another.
Thanks again for giving my info to your mom!! I will definitely be calling her next week (my Class starts on Monday). I wanted to write her back but I think her blog is private. Anyways you have helped me out more than you know!! Thank you thank you!! And please feel free to ask for anything! Have a great day!!!

Jessie Wise said...

LINDY!!! Hey! How are you? Your girls are so stinkin adorable.... I love the dance recital pictures. Too cute! And how funny that our daughters have the same name! We should get them together sometime to play! ;)