Monday, November 17, 2008


How do i catch you up on the last several months. Too much has happened. Probably the biggest thing was as of Sept 3 I became officially divorced. Freedom! Josh never responded to divorce papers of anytime so the divorce went into default and I got everything I asked for. Right around that same time I ran into an old friend and after hanging out a few times we started dating, it got serious pretty fast, probably too fast and we decided yesterday to slow down and actually try to "start over" whatever that means, howerver you do that? He started taking the missionary discussions last month and has decided to be baptized on Dec 6. I am so proud of him, he is going to have some resistance from family and friends but he already has a good testimony, so i know he will be fine. I'm having mixed feelings about "starting over" for real....what does that mean...?
well since it's close to thanksgiving i decided to post things that i'm thankful for:
today i'm especially thankful for friends, my job, my sweet girls, my health, my home. what are you thankful for?


Kaylani said...

I've been so curious as to how that's going with him! I'm really happy for you and so excited that he's getting baptised! Let me know the details and I'll be there for sure! Love you!

Ellsworth's said...

That is so neat that things are going so good for you right now. I hope that we can get together soon.

Lauren said...

I am so happy for him! And how things are going for you right now :)