Monday, June 1, 2009

The June word

I totally stole this from my aunt heidi, but i had to share it.

The June word is STOP

Stop whining.
Stop blaming.
Stop denying your gifts.
Stop playing it safe.
Stop making excuses.

Stop doing anything that darkens your dreams.

Stop being anything that gets in the way of you being who you are.

Stop being with people who zap your spirit.

Stop going to places that you dread.

Stop being the parent you swore you'd never be.
STOP being the woman, man, friend, spouse, artist, boss, partner, co-worker you swore you'd never be.

If it hurts - stop.
Stop yourself before you've gone too far.

Stop letting people use you. Remember that "Use Me" is not a life motto. It's just a cool Bill Withers song.

Stop waiting for someone/anyone to give you the life you deserve. Give it to yourself.

Stop waiting for that ship to come in. Start swimming to it!

Stop wasting finite resources - food, paper, water, gas, money and your energy.

For at least 15 minutes every day - stop everything. Breathe.

Stop and smell the roses and lavender and cut grass and steaks on the grill and cinnamon rolls and fresh coffee and rain.

Stop saying YES when you really mean NO.

Find a mirror. Look into it and ask yourself, "What do I need to stop?" If there is a valid reason why stopping immediately won't work- START stopping. You are worth it.
Now... ready, set, STOP!

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