Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Maddy's Birthday and other updates... warning: i'm blogger picture adder retarded

So last wednesday was Maddy's 2nd b-day. We didn't really do a whole lot on that day. I just made breafast, we gave her the presents from us and then later we went to the park. I tried to take pictures but couldn't cause my batteries were dead and I couldn't exactly take her presents away once i gave them to her to charge batteries plus i knew i could take pictures at her party on saturday. well saturday i gave robin my camera and i had forgotten a memory stick so all we got were kids hitting a pinata, plus one cake picture...oh well its better than none!!

Plus today it rained a lot and it turned into hail. It was Kimber's first experience with hail. Here are a couple of picture from our front door

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