Wednesday, August 15, 2007


so, i got a job at a drs office i start on monday the 20th, i found daycare for all three girls (thanks kon for rescuing me), kimber my sweet baby girl started all-day kindergarten on monday. she's been so exhausted after school that she just wants to sleep, but she loves school!! Maddy got her hair cut and i love it. Ellie is perfecting walking at 9 months old, i'll try to catch some video and post it later!


Layton Clan said...

Lindy, Maddy actually kind of looks like Jenna in that picture! So glad you got a job.

the mavity family said...

woo-hoo! you posted! way to go girl! i seriously had a great time last night! love you...kaylani

Jacob and Alyson's mommy said...

Hey Lindy,
Its Stephanie.
Crystal emailed me and asked me for your email. Her's is

She would like to hear from you.

How's life?

Your daughters are beautiful!!

Katie said...

No way! I was blog hopping and found yours! How are you?! Your girls are so beautiful! Heather needs to start a blog too now!

Caroline said...

Lindy! I also blog hop like crazy (I think I'm addicted.) And I hopped onto yours. Ellie is so cute. Love love LOVE Maddies hair, and how on earth do you already have a 5-year old? Didn't we just graduate last week? Life is so crazy. Anyways, love ya!