Saturday, June 20, 2009

2 years

so this weekend marks the two year anniversary of when i left josh. i'm not quite where i thought i would be 2 years later, although i don't really know exactly where i thought i'd be. i can tell you that i thought he'd be more involved, i didn't think i'd still be living in the same tiny place i live in, but i don't want to leave my ward. i didn't think i'd be struggling with certain things and doing so well with others. most days i am pretty happy with my little world. most days i'm not too lonely, most days i don't feel sad that i'm not a relationship, and most days i feel like if that never happens i'll be ok. all that being said i don't want to be single and alone for the rest of my life. i loved being a wife, i love the idea of being a wife and hopefully some day, sooner rather than later ;), i get to be that for someone who loves me and will appreciate how much i enjoy taking care of others and being part of a team. i can honestly say i am happiest when i make others happy.
with father's day coming up tomorrow my thoughts are drawn to my dad. my dad(who legally is my step-dad) married my mom when he was 21, my mom was 26 and had a 7 year old and me i was almost two. i have felt so much love from him my entire life. he stepped in and made up for my "real" dad being out of the picture. i never felt like his step-daughter, i honestly don't think he's ever even called me that. i hope one day my girls are lucky enough to have a man in their lives like him.
just as a quick side note: how do you feel about long distance relationships?

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Karen said...

I left my ex nearly two years ago too. The hardest part for me is seeing the affect on my kids because he's not involved. He doesn't even live in this state. Luckily for me, I took a chance with a new guy and it was the best decision. I think, like with all relationships, you have to make an effort and put in work on both sides so distance shouldn't matter.
(sorry about the mini-novel. :) been there, it's hard)