Friday, July 10, 2009

Fat Friday

So i've totally been a slacker... i've been weighing in, but haven't posted. i weighed in today and i am down to 149. i haven't been that low since right around the time i got married. i am super excited.
i am also super excited to go to utah in two weeks. i am going to meet andrew, he and i have been talking and been friends since about january. i can't wait.


Morris family said...

thats awesome!! congrats on the weight loss!!

EmJoy said...

Lindy, you are awesome! I wish I was losing weight like you are. Slow and steady is the way to go. How was your Utah trip? Are you excited school has started there? My kids start Tuesday here in Indian. And BTW, you are the perfect Mom for your beautiful girls and even though they don't have a Dad present, don't you underestimate the ability for their Heavenly Father to step in and fill in the gaps if you let Him. Love you!