Friday, June 5, 2009

fat friday

so, this is going to be kind of self depricating, how fun for everyone. i decided i need to be accountable to someone with this whole weight loss crap. so here is goes. i weighed in this morning and i weigh a disgusting 155 lbs, the grossest part is that i've lost some weight in the past year. so anyway, i'm finally well enough to go back to the gym, i've been three times since saturday and i'm swimming while i'm there to hopefully prevent another injury. i've been using the foam weights for resistance and feel like i'm getting a pretty good total body workout. so i'm going to weigh in on fat fridays and hopefully soon i'll be able to change it to thin thursdays, ha ha. you can join in if you want!

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Karen said...

I tried this a few months ago and just couldn't stand announcing to everyone that I was gaining weight! Good luck to you! We should get our kids together sometime!