Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Poor Maddy

So we had our first trauma yesterday. As far as traumas go it was pretty minor. i got a call at work at 1:30 yesterday from kathy but ,missed it, theni get a text from my mom saying maddy split her head open and would likely need stitches... well i'm freaking a little at this point 'cause like i said, first trauma, i'm imagining the worst and prepping myself for something horrible, so i left work and went to pick her up. apparently kathy was filling up the pool and had the kids outside with her, they were waiting on the trampoline, maddy said it was wet i'm assuming to keep it cool, they had instructions not to jump, which i'm sure you can guess how well that went, so madds somehow smacked her head on the bar or spring or we went to banner desert ER, we were there like 5 hours, i'll spare you the details but she ended up getting 4 stitches.

this was madds when i picked her up this was madds when we got to the ERthis was madds right before stitches

all doneat least she got a popsicle

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Karen said...

poor baby.
she looks just like you!! so cute!