Friday, June 12, 2009

fat friday

so i suck, i didn't get to the gym this week, not even one time, i did however go to the zoo last saturday, i have been eating healthier and i cut out soda completely. i have to replace it with enough water, and i've been having light mango smoothies from jamba for breakfast everyday, i feel tons better but unfortunately only lost one pound. i guess this is good, that's the way i've been doing it for the last year, slow and steady and the weight has stayed off, so even though it looks as if i've plateaued, i can at least be grateful for not gaining. how did you do?


Karen said...

Great job!!

I always say, "I'll start tomorrow!" and then before I know it it's next week and I'm still eating crap!

Clover said...

I like your blog page. Super cool down to earth.