Thursday, June 18, 2009

kim's gems

kimber, who is 7, says some of the wittiest, funniest, sassy-ist things i have ever heard. i want to record them somewhere. here are a couple from this week.

**tuesday night we were in our yard. i was on the phone and the girls were playin superheroes. kimber, being the oldest, was handing out super hero names. she told ellie her name was super tiny, to which ellie responded, "SUPO TINEE" kimber said " your power is: you turn grass into tiny grass" then maddy said "and i'm flower power" i told my friend on the phone " i think we just started a landscaping company"

**this morning, kimber was grumpy and sassy and we had been arguing a little bit (i don't want to hear about how i shouldn't be arguing with my 7 year old) so we got in the car and she looks at me and says "mom, why do you put makeup on every day? is it just to make me jealous?"


Karen said...

LOL oh my goodness, isn't having girls fun??

the MomBabe said...

Well, IS IT?